My Stash

What is My Stash?

My Stash is a way to keep an inventory of your own thread stash so you always know which threads you have and which ones you need to purchase. The My Stash feature is stored in the cloud, so unlike a lot of other inventory-type apps, you will not lose your stash when you get a new phone or computer.

How does My Stash work?

Once you are logged in and have purchased the My Stash feature, simply click the thread icon below the thread you would like to add to your stash. The thread icon will be gray if it is not in your stash and it will be colored if it is in your stash. To remove a thread from your stash, click on My Stash from the menu bar at the top of the page, select the thread you want to remove and click on the thread icon.

You can also control how many spools of each thread you have in your stash inventory and reorder thread by clicking on the Add to Cart button.

What does the My Stash feature cost anything?

There is a one-time cost of $4.99 for the My Stash feature, but you will receive an online coupon for $4.99 off your first order with Threaded Bliss as a thank your for buying threads from our site.

What if I can't find my thread in the catalog?

We are constantly updating our website and our mission is to have all threads available for the My Stash feature. If you don't find you thread in the catalog, please email us at info@threadedbliss.com with a complete description of your thread and we will make it available as soon as possible. Include as much information as you can, including brand, color number, color name, size and weight.